Consolidate Those Phone Numbers!

ctpnCOMPARE YOUR PERSONAL AND BUSINESS LIVES. MOST people have one name, one Social Security number, and one home address. Now think of your business card: office, 800, fax, and cell phone numbers. You don’t suffer this kind of confusion in your everyday life. Why do you put your clients through torture to track you down?

Hoping to tame this number jungle, several long-distance phone companies are now offering lifetime, or 500 prefix, numbers. These follow-me phone services let clients dial a single number to rind you–no matter where you roam. Whether you’re in your office, at home, in a remote office, or in your car, calls get through to you. Say goodbye to clients dialing three or four numbers and not finding you.

Follow-me services save you time and (possibly) money by ensuring that your customers can easily and immediately

Getting Efficient: Master Tips For Time Management

mtftmWith a mere 1,440 minutes in a day, home-based workers need to make every second count. There’s no justification for getting lost online, struggling to stay in touch with clients, or sorting through junk that piles up in and around your computer. But these are the sorts of interruptions and hassles that plague just about everyone who works from home. It’s up to you make these daily disturbances go away.

Even if you think you run a tight ship, it’s tough to keep up with emerging technologies and time saving ideas that can slice the fat out of your daily routine. With this in mind, we interviewed computer experts, efficiency gurus, and home-office veterans to come up with a list of surefire ways to optimize your operation and increase productivity.

Who knows? With all the time you’ll save, you may …

5 Benefits Of Help Desk Software

hds1Help desk software provides an exemplary customer service and better employee needs. However, apart from these benefits, there are variety advantages in having this kind of software. First, the software enables you to find the best person to solve any IT related concerns. All problems from user phone call, email, web interface and event management can be classified using the help desk. Through this, incident reports are prioritized well and assigned to the appropriate staff. Second, the help desk software lets you manage any problems well. Since you can get all the relevant information, you can easily identify the major causes of such incidents.

Third, the software lets you schedule, customize and send the reports accordingly. Every business requires having a constant monitoring of sales and through the software; reports are organized and created properly. Fourth, the software provides security …

Planning An Anniversary In Style

Our years are punctuated by celebrations. When we gather together for special occasions, we should remember the good company, the beautiful setting, and the delicious food. And everyone should have a stress-free day – including the host and hostess.

glassesPLANNING THE MENU. Following the adage that you should never try out a new recipe when cooking for company, we looked through our “recipe file” and prepared some of our readers’ favorite dishes. based on those recipes, we created a seasonal menu that’s simple to prepare and easy to serve-even in the large quantities required to satisfy a crowd. With a selection of country breads, cheeses, olives, and other nibbles purchased from your local gourmet shop or supermarket and the addition of a spiral-cut ham that can be ordered by mail and warmed in your oven on the morning of the

Porch Partyin’

In Louisiana, spring presents the ideal time to dine on the porch, and Vikki and Bryan Colwell take full advantage of the season’s inviting weather – as well as the gardenias, hydrangeas, and agapanthus abloom in their garden – by entertaining outdoors often. The secret to their success is to keep things as simple as possible. For this elegant porch party for six, that meant ordering in food from their favorite restaurant, the Dakota, in Covington, La.

Chefs Kenneth LaCour, Jr. and Kim Kringlie collaborated with the Colwells to plan a menu centered on local specialties: festive icebreakers, a garden-fresh salad, and an abundant seafood buffet featuring crawfish, oysters, shrimp, and blue crabs. The easy-to-prepare entree, Baked Red Snapper, paves the way for a dessert cart filled with classic Southern-style temptations: pecan pie, strawberry shortcake, and decadent pralines.

You can